Lafferty 633 Compact Fogger

The 633 Compact Fogger is a damp mist sprayer that uses compressed air (3.7 CFM @ 80 PSI) and venturi action to draw ready-to-use chemical solution from the attached bottle and project it up to 15 feet. The adjustable output can wet surfaces at close range or spray mist (fog) into the air to cover exposed surfaces and penetrate hard-to-reach areas.


Easy to use. Just fill the bottle, connect compressed air, and press the thumb gun activator.



  1. This sprayer requires the use of an air compressor (not included).
  2. We include some necessary options sold separately by the manufacturer which increases our price.


Included with Sprayer:

  • 1 extra bottle, 32 oz., with solid lid ($5.00 value)
  • Needle valve to regulate incoming airflow ($14.95 value)
  • A selection of metering tips which adjust the solution volume
  • Manufacturer Installation & Operation Instructions

Lafferty 633 Compact Fogger

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