Sanitizer Pro™ Backpack ULV Cold Sprayer

Manufactured for PURTEQ, The Sanitizer Pro™ 250 has an incredibly powerful micro diaphragm pump which delivers a 100 PSI high density fine mist unlike any other electric backpack sprayer. Very easy to use – just fill it, pump it and pull the trigger. Comes with instructions and maintenance guide.
Features include:

  • 18 Volt LI-ION Battery (up to 4 hrs on a single charge)
  • Ultra-high density mist for faster and more complete coverage.
  • Uses the least amount of chemical per Sq. Ft.
    • In one minute can cover 592 Sq.ft. using only 0.02 oz. of disinfectant
    • Delivers an engineered mix of particle sizes (5 ≥ 50 microns) that produce the correct density and flow to uniformly coat any surface fast and efficiently so it can meet the required dwell time without over wetting 
  • 4 Gallon Capacity 
  • Tank autonomy 29,236 Sq.ft. in 49 minutes 
  • Easy to use and excellent for disinfecting large areas such as schools, restaurants, warehouses, office buildings & more 
  • Less power consumption, better portability, complete coverage without over wetting 
  • Saves time and money

Sanitizer Pro™ Backpack ULV Cold Sprayer

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