PURTEQ®: What Is It And Why Everyone Is Using PURTEQ® Products To Keep Their Business Safe

What is PURTEQ®?

Our lives have changed since the recent global pandemic and so have our standards of clean. Many people are asking, “How do I know when something is clean?”; “How can I keep my family safe?”; And “When can I open my business safely?”

Now more than ever, we need to ensure the treatments we use are safe and effective.

PURTEQ® was founded to create a cleaner, safer world and deliver peace of mind by using powerful non-toxic products, ensuring that businesses stay open and communities stay safe.

What Makes PURTEQ® Different?

PURTEQ® has become popular with small and medium size businesses because of its suite of powerful, non-toxic products. These products give business owners peace of mind knowing that their areas are free of harmful germs.

PURTEQ®’s FRESCH™ kills 99.9% of harmful germs & bacteria and is a List N, EPA-registered product, the only botanically derived EPA-registered product on List N.

Think of it as the first step in establishing clean. FRESCH™ cleans, disinfects and deodorizes in one step while killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Follow that with PURTEQ®’s PREVNT™ which helps “continually clean” surfaces and the air for up to 90 days.* The key ingredient in PREVNT™ is titanium dioxide (TiO₂), an active natural occurring oxide that has a wide range of applications including as a paint pigment, sunscreen ingredient, and food additive.

Finally, NSPECT™ allows you to measure the level of cleanliness in your business and show you how to meet and keep the standards of clean you demand. With our partner Hygiena® our services can also provide a historical record of periodic testing results. This data can be used to modify cleaning regimens as needed to meet specific cleaning objectives and standards.

The Secret of PURTEQ®’s Commercial Cleaning: Titanium Dioxide

Not many people know this about titanium dioxide, but it is actually one of seven different minerals that are considered to be self-cleaning.

Titanium dioxide uses energy from the sun to convert any dirt or debris that it comes into contact with into a harmless gas. After the titanium dioxide has converted the debris into the harmless gas, it will then float away. This is why you will often find titanium dioxide used in cleaning agents for your home and car.

Another example of titanium dioxide being an ingredient in a cleaning product is its use in hydrophobic glass, commonly referred to as self-cleaning glass. Hydrophobic glass is a type of glass that is able to clean itself without the need for human interaction.

Hydrophobic glass can get rid of water, debris, and dirt via a process that's called hydrolysis. When a hydrophobic glass is being manufactured, it's coated with a layer of titanium dioxide. This layer of titanium dioxide will work with UV rays coming from the sun to break down any debris or dirt found on the glass's surface.

Cleaning supplies that have titanium dioxide mixed in with them can completely deflect any debris or dirt off the surfaces that you're using the cleaning supplies on.

Why It’s Important To Use Non-Toxic Commercial Disinfectants & Cleaners

Conventional cleaners are filled with harsh chemicals that fill the air in your home with toxins. Contact with these toxins can be harmful to you, your family, and your customers in the long term.

This type of indoor pollution is also known to have harmful effects long after being used in your business. You'll have more peace of mind by using non-toxic disinfectants. You'll be breathing cleaner air when you're inside your business.

PURTEQ®: A Cleaner, Safer World

If you’re interested in using the PURTEQ® suite of products in your business, school, or hospital you can request a quote or learn more about the benefits of PURTEQ®’s products.

*Cleans surface of inanimate organic matter and contaminants; use as directed; PREVNT™ is not a registered disinfectant.