What Are the Dirtiest Surfaces in Your Office?

Everyone thinks public toilet seats are gross, but did you know that the average work desk harbors hundreds of times more bacteria than the average toilet?

Plus, deadly bacteria can survive on keyboards. One study showed that drug-resistant bacteria like MRSA could live for up to 24 hours on a keyboard.

With so many bacteria-harboring spots in an office, it's vital to keep things clean. You don't have to use harsh chemicals to do so, though. You might be surprised to learn that a non-toxic cleaner can eliminate germs as effectively as bleach and other chemicals.

Below are some of the dirtiest surfaces in your office, all of which can be tackled with a non-toxic cleaner.

The Desk

It's likely that your desk is in serious need of botanical cleaners on a regular basis. Desks boast up to 400 times more germs than toilet seats, especially because they aren't cleaned as often.

The bacteria, fungi, and viruses found on desks also travel on your hands. Encourage hand washing often to stop the spread of infections and make sure your employees' desks are getting cleaned regularly.

Elevator Buttons

Do you have elevators in your office building? Take a moment to think about how many fingers touch those buttons in a day.

Because of their frequency of use, elevator buttons become a home for a lot of germs. After you push a button, wash or sanitize your hands.

As a company manager or owner, it's crucial to use cleaners and disinfectants from PURTEQ® to combat germs and viruses.

Coffee Mugs

Do you use coffee mugs at the office? If so, how are they cleaned? A hot, soapy dishwasher is ideal.

However, if you're using hand-cleaned mugs, make sure they're cleaned with hot water and a strong dish-cleaning solution. Make sure sponges and brushes are always clean and switched out regularly.

The Kitchen Sponge

Since we're on the topic of coffee mugs, let's think about that kitchen sponge.

Sponges are absorbent and wet, which deems them perfect for breeding germs. Within 3 weeks, sponges can have bacteria like salmonella and E. coli.

Don't ever leave your sponge in the bottom of the sink and replace it at least every 2 weeks. As an added precaution, put it in the microwave once a day for 2 minutes, which will eliminate most bacteria.

While you're at it, make sure the refrigerator gets cleaned every 2 days with an antibacterial cleaner like FRESCH™. Since FRESCH™ is non-toxic and botanically derived from the natural ingredient Thymol, you can use it frequently without worry.

Desktop Phones and Cell Phones

Your phones can be even worse than your desk. Think about how often you touch your cell phone and all the places you take it. The average person checks theirs almost 100 times per day.

Clean your phone 1-2 times per day with an antibacterial cleaner or an alcohol wipe.

Desk phones are just as filthy. Use a soft rag and a disinfectant on your desk phone, headset, and desk phone keys daily.

Door Handles

Everyone uses door handles to get around their office space. The more a door handle gets touched throughout the day, the easier it is for germs and sickness to spread.

To help stop the spread, make sure you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water throughout the day. Commercial cleaning for any business should ensure that door handles get cleaned and sanitized at least once per day.

Coffee Maker

Shared spaces are often the biggest harborer of germs. Who’s in charge of making coffee at the office? Do you know how often they clean it?

Bacteria love coffee machines because they're dark and damp. Fill your office coffee maker with plain white vinegar and let it stand for at least 30 minutes. Afterward, let it run through, and then follow it with 3 water cycles.

For the outside of the coffee maker and all surfaces in the kitchen and other shared spaces, be sure that you're cleaning staff uses effective, botanical cleaners to keep your staff safe from chemicals and germs alike.

Vending Machines

The issue with commercial cleaning in business areas is that shared spaces are often left to their own devices. For example, do you know if anyone wipes down the vending machines with a non-toxic cleaner daily?

Vending machines are damp and dark, so bacteria love them. Plus, the buttons get pressed multiple times per day, just like elevator buttons.

Be sure to use an effective cleaner from PURTEQ® to fight harmful bacteria across all shared spaces.

Restrooms and Faucets

It's no secret that restrooms can harbor germs. Faucets, both in the restrooms and staff rooms, can be ridden with harmful bacteria.

Make sure bathroom faucets, and all other surfaces, get cleaned with antibacterial cleaners at least once at the end of every day.

When it comes to the kitchen sink, faucet handles are often the dirtiest. Keep dishes out of the sink, and be sure to scrub the bowl, faucet, and drain at least once per day.

Water Fountains

Even though you might think that only clean water comes out of a water fountain spigot, it's one of the biggest harborers of bacteria.

Standalone water coolers are filled with germs, too.

If you use either in your workspace, make sure they're cleaned daily with antibacterial botanical cleaners. PURTEQ® disinfectants and cleaners have a pleasant fragrance, are non-irritating and non-toxic. You can use them frequently without worrying about exposure to harmful chemicals.


Pens are another office germ culprit. Did you know that shared pens or clipboard pens can contain almost 50,000 times more germs than a toilet?

Either use your own clean pens or make sure that all pens across the office also get disinfected and cleaned daily.

Protect You and Your Staff with Effective Non-Toxic Cleaner

With flu season, cold season, and the addition of new viruses, it's crucial for office spaces to remain clean and safe for employees.

Luckily, it's not difficult to keep all areas of an office space clean, and you don't have to use harsh chemicals to do so! With the right non-toxic cleaner, you can stave away harsh viruses and bacteria.

Are you ready to keep your employees and customers safe?

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