On this page you will find both general resources and resources specific to resellers. We encourage resellers to refer to the claims guide for usage and marketing compliance. We also ask that resellers become familiar with our brand guide and align their marketing efforts with the overall PURTEQ® Brand.

Product Sell Sheets

FRESCH™ Sell Sheet

A non-toxic, botanical alternative that kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. FRESCH™ is as powerful a disinfectant as man-made chemicals, providing peace of mind with no harmful fumes or irritation. EPA-Registered on List N. Updated 9/28/2020

PREVNT™ Sell Sheet

Everything your customers need to know about this revolutionary active-barrier cleaner that continually cleans for up to 90 days between regular disinfecting with FRESCH™. Updated 9/28/2020

CITRAPUR™ Wipes Sell Sheet

Wipes are an extremely popular item these days and hard to come by, especially in the commercial markets. Our botanical disinfecting wipes are EPA-registered and approved on List N. Simple one-step, no-rinse cleaning and disinfection without using harsh chemicals. Safe for use in all facilities including hospitals, schools, day care centers, nursing homes, and food venues.  Updated 2/19/2021

NSPECT™ Sell Sheet

Validate the clean with a Luminometer from Hygiena® and use the data to create a custom cleaning program and schedule that meets your customer's objectives and standards. Updated 9/28/2020

Program Sell Sheet

Summary document that outlines how FRESCH, PREVNT and NSPECT work together as a cleaning program. Updated 9/28/2020

Product Sell Sheets (Spanish)

FRESCH™ Sell Sheet - En español

PREVNT™ Sell Sheet - En español

Program Sell Sheet  - En español

Marketing Assets

Product Claims Guide

The Product Claims Guide outlines what you can and cannot say about PURTEQ and our products. It is important for all marketing materials to be in compliance with these guidelines as some are mandated by the EPA. We ask all of our partners to read this carefully and refer to it often to ensure usage compliance when marketing or selling PURTEQ products. As noted, if you have any questions or need advice about using claims, please contact or (844) 4PURTEQ.

PURTEQ Brand Guidelines

This style guide shows the correct usage of our branding assets, the correct uses of our logo, brand colors and fonts. If you work with a designer to create branded collateral, please provide them with this guide so they can create branded or co-branded assets which adhere to our established protocols. We are trying to build brand recognition and awareness in the marketplace and your efforts will help. For assistance please reach out to

Capabilities Presentation

Presentation that covers the capabilities of our products and services.

New PURTEQ Logo and Usage Guide

PURTEQ Logo Lockup in various sizes. Please use the size most appropriate to the space where it will reside. If you would like a .eps file or require a different version of the logo, please email Updated 7/16/2021

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)


Safety Data Sheet for FRESCH™


Safety Data Sheet for PREVNT™


Safety Data Sheet for CITRAPUR™ Wipes